Asset Sale

bradfordlogo“Not only is Karen fun and easy to work with, she is the professional we needed to make our recent asset sale the success we hoped for. From helping draft the original proposal to participating in countless meetings, Karen’s experience was critical to closing the deal. Over the course of a year, Karen was there when we needed her expertise in business operations and acquisitions.  Karen was instrumental in valuation and negotiations with our asset sale to the Colorado Bar Association CLE.” Candace Boyle, President Bradford Publishing Co.  2015


Business Consulting

en_logo“I can’t say enough good things about Karen. She has completely transformed my business. From planning and strategizing, to implementing and getting things done. Karen is masterful at what she does and I couldn’t have seen the positive results I’ve been getting without her help and direction (trust me, I tried!). She has helped me create an effective strategic plan and website redesign, as well as suggested innovative marketing solutions that save me time and money. I could have chosen others who weren’t nearly as competent at listening to and understanding MY needs. Working with Karen has proved to be the best decision I ever made and was apparent right from the start. I am eternally grateful. I’ve never met a business person quite like her and she has made all the difference.” Lisa Lanzano, Founder of Essential Nutrition

Program: 30-60-90 Day

“Karen is the firRed Pepperst business consultant I’ve worked with who I can really understand. I have been in business for 10 years, succeeding on instinct and a good product but without a real business formula. Karen is teaching me a method of operating that will get me to a much higher level of success in a way that is fun, understandable and best of all, proven. She helps interpret my needs and puts them in a format that is useful and easy to follow. Its quite amazing! I’m so excited and invigorated at the prospect of reaching goals that I had no idea how to reach before the 30-60-90 program and Karen Laszlo. I highly recommend Karen. I will work with her again!”  Margie McCulloch  RED PEPPER KITCHEN+BATH, owner/designer

katie mason“Working with Karen has invigorated my business in so many ways.  Her energy and expertise are invaluable.  Each time I meet with her, I leave inspired, focused and clear about my next step.  She is a true professional and the work she does is so empowering! I know I will be relying on the tools and skills I’ve developed from her program for years and years to come.  She is a wealth of knowledge and a leader in the field and I’m so grateful for finding her! Thanks a million Karen!!!”   Katie Mason, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Over the years, I tried apps and software, notebooks, cards and day planners of various sizes and shapes; all in an effort to organize and focus my skills. Nothing has really worked for me. Like many entrepreneurs I have been mired, at times, in the minutia of all of our micro and macro battles to succeed. I’m guilty of trying to juggle a thousand balls at once. After attending Roadmap to Success and working with Karen, I’ve found a better way to focus and execute my effort. I’ve had a major breakthrough. AvenueR Group teaches a simple but effective process that has had immediate results. The Roadmap to Success seminar has changed the way I plan and strategize. My New Year is off to a great start.”   DL Thomas | SproutrHouse llc