graphAvenueR helps clients navigate opportunities to profitable growth. We start where you are today — your customers, your revenue model, your branding, your team – and analyze the market opportunities that are available today and in the near future.

We encourage CEO’s to first focus on untapped revenue and profit within their current business then we move to new market opportunities. We offer keen insight into new opportunities, new markets, and new ways to outperform in your current business. Our clients build value at the pace most effective for their organization.

Choosing a Direction

Choosing a direction can be a bit daunting for all of us.  There are so many questions about what will yield the best results using the resources and talent of your team today. Being able to see the landscape and interpreting the many paths so that you don’t go down a dead end is critical.  AvenueR Group has the expertise to assess your markets and help you decide which path is best matched with your team and your resources. First, we help you gain perspective on options:

  • Assess your team, your structure, your data, your processes and your market
  • Listen to what you see and what is hard for you to see
  • Understand your expansion capabilities and limitations
  • Develop your keys to success as you walk through the landscape of opportunities

Analysis & Planning


What are you not seeing today?  Is there a new way to understand your business, your customers and your market so that you can move forward quickly, efficiently and powerfully?  Is there low hanging fruit you are not taking advantage of?

Data offers us the ability to tell a story that drives growth.  However, few of us assess the data and form a story that is authentic, intellectual and emotionally motivating.  Our team bridges the gap between data and your audience.

  • Data Sources – Financials, Sales, Market, Operations
  • Current Story presented by the Data
  • Identify missing Data Elements
  • Alternative ways to view the Data & the Story

Finding the right path involves understanding the opportunities, your companies ability to leapfrog the competition, and gaining customer support.

  • Assessment of Company Strengths & Weakness
  • Assessment of Market Opportunity & Threats
  • Opportunity Ranking and Recommendations
  • Base Plan with Initial Performance Metrics
  • Customer Experience

Finance is not just about accounting.  Many CEO’s don’t have the right financial data and analysis to support good decision making. Our focus is on getting to the best data to answer critical growth questions.

  • State of Financials and Structure to support business
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Budgeting that matches Strategic Planning

Do you know what your company is worth? It is not just about revenue, it is a series of key performance indexes that make the difference in being the best of the best.  Our analysis will help you uncover your highest value potential.

  • Valuation of your Business
  • Untapped Customer Potential
  • Untapped Product Potential
  • Partnership Potential

Executing on Your Vision


AvenueR Group will jump in and help move your plan along. Our team offers exceptional execution support for your teams in building product, running strategic planning processes and crafting strategic marketing plans.

Our team can incubate your ideas until your team is ready to take it on. We can get your product to beta, test, and be there with you as you launch to your market.

  • Idea Formation & Business Case
  • Beta Development & Initial Testing
  • Launch Plan Development & Execution Strategy

Our team has run strategic planning for years inside companies and as a consultant. We customize your process to fit your budget and your team.

  • Executive Key Goals Workshop
  • Step by Step Planning for Teams
  • Presentation Sessions for Teams
  • Set up & Moderate Strategic Planning Events
  • Finalize Plan, Metrics and Action Steps

Many executives struggle day to day with a lack of key information that will make a difference to the business. Our team will dive into the financials, data and decision making process to provide essential information for better decision making.

  • Establish a Financial Process that offers high value
  • Design Data Infrastructure and Reporting
  • Develop Key Performance Indexes, Monitoring tools and Contingency Plans

Our strategic marketing expertise is focused on understanding the customer experience and building an authentic brand at every touch point.

  • Current Assessment of Customer Experience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Deep Dive Analysis
  • Brand Promise throughout organization
  • Experience Map & Metrics