Our Team

Avenue R Group, LLC is a business management consulting firm committed to helping companies increase revenue and profits for  long-term value.  We work with CEO’s who want to grow faster than they are now.  Our typical CEO hires us to get the ball rolling without distracting their team from the current business.

About Karekaren (1)n Laszlo

Karen has over 20 years business experience rapidly rising from finance to strategist to a member of executi
ve teams in large and startup organizations. Her need for diverse experiences led her to work in insurance, publishing, technology, consumer products, legal, and financial services with roles in finance, marketing, sales, product development, technology development, partnerships, strategic planning and executive management.  Her curiosity led her to analyze emerging markets including the cannabis market, fitness technology markets, fit technology for clothing markets.

Karen brings a unique blend of business management expertise to help companies find the right path AND start-up expertise to launch new companies or new products. Her unique approach to business is instrumental in her ability to work fast, build award winning products, incubate and launch startups in record time and turnaround sluggish companies. Karen’s vast network helps get into just about any market or any company.

Karen’s key accomplishments include:

  • Managed overall strategy, vision and growth trajectory including M&A, partnerships, business development and new product development for $250 to $500 million dollar organizations and turnaround organizations resulting in 20% to 30% increase in revenue and/or profits.
  • Achieved 90% market coverage in a start-up by leveraging strategic partnerships with GES, CAIS, MPA, ASAE, Publishers and technology players resulting in 2.5 time revenue growth in 18 months.
  • Managed negotiations with Sabre, GES, GE and venture capitalists for clients in Seattle resulting in funding, sales deals and strategic partnerships.
  • Expanded product lines by leading the build of a payment engine that collected over $1 million within 3 months and negotiated and closed deals for a fuller product line resulting in rapid revenue growth.
  • Built an award winning healthy living platform (USDA and White House) securing top of line partnerships including WebMD, Girl Scouts of Colorado, NuVal and University of Colorado (built the first family wellness program).
  • Launched Pick Chow! Across America Event in 4 cities across the US working with famous chefs and communities to teach families about healthy living. Raised over $100K from healthy food sponsors.

More on Karen…

  • Founder of the award winning ZisBoomBah creating the first interactive nutritional plate, writing the first corporate wellness programs for families and creating the first healthy living group program for community programs.
  • VP Corporate Development at Square Two Financial, where she ran strategic planning for the entire company, worked on M&A deals, and built the company’s first online payment engine;
  • VP Strategic Partnerships at PlanSoft (team raised over $46 million) where she spearheaded key strategic partners achieving 90% market coverage;
  • Controller/Director of Marketing at AdvanStar Communications where she was integral in bringing the company out of bankruptcy and growing it into the 3rd largest publishing firm in the US;
  • Karen started her career at Progressive Insurance in underwriting, statistical reporting and operational / financial analysis.

Karen holds an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve and holds a finance undergraduate degree (Magna Cum Laude). Karen is currently earning a certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Stanford.